Ten Best Whippet Collars in the UK

whippet in leather collar - Petiquette Collars

Let us help you find the best whippet collars in the UK

Whippets are elegant dogs with long necks that need a comfortable and secure sighthound collar for their daily activities. It’s important to find the best whippet collars to suit your dog’s personality and needs. There are an extensive range of high-quality whippet collars from UK collar makers, making it difficult to choose the right one for your furry friend. In this blog post, we will list ten of the best whippet collars from UK collar manufacturers to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Padded Leather Whippet Collar – Petiquette Collars

    best whippet collars - Petiquette Collars

    The padded leather whippet collar from Petiquette Collars is made from premium Italian leather in a choice of 28 vibrant colours.  Pick one colour for the outer collar, and a contrasting shade for the lining, which has a comfy layer of padding hidden underneath.  Rounded edges mean an extra comfy fit for your whippet.

    The whippet collar has stainless steel hardware so that your dog can go swimming without you worrying about rusty buckles.

  2. Navajo Bead Whippet Collar – The Trendy Whippet

    navajo trendy whippet collar

    The Navajo beaded leather sighthound collar from The Trendy Whippet. A beautiful, hand-beaded sighthound collar made from sheep leather with a soft suede lining.

  3. Combs Hound Collar – Hiro & Wolf

    Hiro & Wolf - Combs whippet collar

    The Combs hound collar from Hiro & Wolf is a fishtail whippet collar made with coloured leather and vibrant cotton fabric inside a circle window design.

  4. Urban Vogue Hound Collar – Ann Rees

    Urban Vogue hound collar - Ann Rees

    The Urban Vogue hound collar from Ann Rees is a traditional flat leather whippet collar with tapered ends.  Available in 7 colours with a choice of 10 padded leather colours.

  5. Superhero Martingale Collar – Ditsy Pet

    Superhero Martingale collar - Ditsy Pet

    A superhero-themed martingale collar from Ditsy Pet made with strong webbing wrapped in cotton fabric, scotch guarded to help keep it clean.  The martingale style ensures that the collar won’t slip off your whippet’s head.

  6. The Fig – Fairfax & Favor

    The Fig sighthound Collar - Fairfax & Favor

    The Fig Whippet Dog Collar by Fairfax & Favor is individually handmade using genuine leather in a choice of two colours and three sizes.

  7. The Safari Hound Collar – Holly & Lil

    The Safari Hound Collar - Holly & Lil

    The Safari hound collar from Holly & Lil is made from a choice of hair on cowhide with a contrasting leather colour.  Available in a choice of leopard, cowspot and zebra print.

  8. Natural Leather Hound Collar – Absurd Design

    Natural Leather Pink Felt Hound Collar - Absurd Design

    The natural leather hound collar from Absurd Design is made using unfinished full-grain cow hide and lined with bright pink wool felt for comfort.

  9. Lilac Biothane Sighthound Collar – Neluco Hounds

    Lilac Biothane Hound Collar - Neluco Hounds

    A biothane hound collar from Neluco Hounds made from Beta BioThane.  BioThane is a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating making it durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

  10. Carruthers Martingale Collar – Silver Peacock

    Carruthers Martingale Collar - Silver Peacock

    The Carruthers martingale collar from Silver Peacock is a beautiful Liberty print design on cotton with a sturdy webbing core and a burgundy lining.  The martingale collar can be made in a choice of two widths making them ideal for sighthounds.

So which are the best Whippet collars?

In conclusion, choosing the perfect collar for your whippet can be a challenging task. However, by considering the above options from UK manufacturers, you can find a collar that suits your whippet’s personality, size, and activities. Whether you prefer a stylish collar, a durable collar for outdoor activities, or a classic leather collar, UK collar makers have something for every whippet.