Rope Dog Collars and Leads – Perfect For Adventures

rope dog collars and leads - petiquette collars

Rope dog collars and leads – the perfect companion for a walk on the wild side

When it comes to muddy countryside walks or dips in the sea, rope dog collars and leads can often be tools worth investing in.  Strong and sturdy, rope collars and leads can withstand pretty much anything that’s thrown at them, and then can simply be washed clean if they get mucky.

turquoise check ppm rope dog collar - petiquette collars

We use premium 10mm polypropylene multifilament ropes, or PPM which are OEKO-TEX®, meaning they are non-toxic and safe for both humans and animals. PPM rope collars and leads absorb very little water and are resistant to mould and rot, making them particularly well suited to muddy walks in the rain.  From double strand rope collars to rope ID tag collars the

The durable nature of PPM rope collars and leads mean that they are extremely easy to clean. They can be washed at 30° in soapy water, or with a damp cloth, then allowed to air dry.

These sturdy ropes are available in hundreds of colours and designs, so finding a fashionable collar and lead set for your dog that will stand up to the elements is made much easier.

red rope dog lead - petiquette collars

If you prefer a more natural look you may like to choose a 100% cotton rope collar and lead.  Cotton rope collars and leads have their pros and cons as do PPM rope.

Cotton also comes in several choices of colours, though often more muted shades, and the downside of them is that cotton rope isn’t particularly UV resistant, so can fade in direct sunlight.  Cotton will absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water, so if your dog does go in the water or rain wearing a cotton rope collar, you should remove it and allow it to dry in a well ventilated area to prevent it from going mouldy.

Regardless of whether your choose a colourful PPM rope collar and lead or a natural cotton collar, both you and your dog will be sure to enjoy countless walks using these wonderful materials.

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