Saluki Collars

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Say hello to our Saluki Collars, luxury made just for your beautiful Saluki. These collars, crafted from butter-soft Italian leather, are tailor-made for your Saluki’s elegant neck. And hey, we’ve got a rainbow of 28 gorgeous colours to choose from, so you can pick the one that best matches your Saluki’s coat. But it’s not just about good looks! Our Saluki collars are all about celebrating your dog’s unique personality. So why wait? Dive in, explore our collection, and let your Saluki strut their stuff in a Petiquette collar!

Treat your sighthound to a luxury Saluki collar

At Petiquette, our Saluki collars are not just any ordinary sighthound collars. Each collar is handcrafted from soft Italian leather, available in a choice of 28 vibrant colours. Every collar is 2" wide at the widest part, providing the perfect fit and comfort for your Saluki's slender neck.

Customised Just For Your Saluki

We believe that every dog is an individual, and their collar should reflect this. Want to add a touch of sparkle? Many of our original designs includes collars adorned with Preciosa crystal, available in a variety of colours. These stunning collars not only look beautiful but are also durable and practical for everyday use. With the option to add padding to certain designs, you can ensure the most comfortable fit for your Saluki.

Treat your Saluki hound today

Explore our Saluki collars collection today and find the perfect collar that your Saluki will love to wear.