Meet our First Pupfluencer – Harry the German Shepherd

Introducing the first Petiquette Collars Brand Ambassador

Hey there, Petiquette pack!

We’ve got some tail-waggingly good news that we’re just itching to share. Drumroll, please…

We’re thrilled to introduce our first-ever “Pupfluencer,” Harry the German Shepherd!

Harry the German Shepherd - Petiquette Brand Ambassador

You might be thinking, “What’s a Pupfluencer?” Well, it’s a title we’re giving to our four-legged friends who are stepping into the spotlight to represent Petiquette Collars. They’re dogs with personality, style, and a whole lot of tail wags. And Harry? He’s got all that in spades.
Harry is more than just a dog; he’s a friend, a companion, and now, a fashion-forward trendsetter. With his playful energy and that irresistible German Shepherd charm, he’s the perfect pooch to be our inaugural Pupfluencer.

Harry will be rocking our brand-new Pupfluencer collar in his new role. This collar is not just any ordinary dog collar. It’s 1.25″ wide and crafted from the finest leather in 28 stylish colours.

Pupfluencer Trendy Dog Collar, Handmade by Petiquette

It’s adorned with beautiful medium and small Preciosa crystals that catch the light creating a kaleidoscope of colours. And because we believe that style should never compromise comfort, it’s fully padded for ultimate comfort.

Design your own Pupfluencer Collar

So, why Harry, you ask? Well, Harry’s name holds a special place in our hearts. Petiquette was inspired by Harry the Westie, who’s sadly no longer with us. He was more than just a pet; he was family. Naming Harry the German Shepherd as our first Pupfluencer feels like a heartfelt tribute to our best mate and a way to keep his memory alive.

Harry wearing a Pupfluencer collar from Petiquette

But this is just the beginning for Harry. As our first Pupfluencer, he’s leading the way for many more dogs to join the ranks. Who knows? Could your dog be the next Pupfluencer we announce?

So, for now, join us in extending a warm, waggy welcome to Harry. We’re so excited to embark on this journey together and invite you to join him on his instagram account at @harry.germanshep. Here’s to new adventures, lots of tail wags, and a future filled with furry friends!

Does your pet have what it takes to become a Petiquette brand ambassador?  Check out our blog post on how to apply to become a Petiquette Pupfluencer.