July’s Next Top Dog Model

July Petiquette Next Top Dog Model - Contenders

Petiquette’s July Top Dog Model: A Stylish Showdown!

Hello Petiquette Pack members!

As the long July days gave way to memorable summer adventures, at Petiquette, we embarked on a journey of our own: July’s Next Top Dog Model Photo Competition. As always, this monthly event promised excitement, style, and some serious doggy flair.

Meet The Contenders

In one corner, with a mane that could make anyone envious and poise that could rival any top model, we had Reuben – a majestic Standard Poodle with an air of sophistication about him. ?

And in the opposite corner, with a spirit as free as the wind and eyes that told a thousand tales, stood Waffle – a vivacious Border Collie whose charm was impossible to resist. ?

July Petiquette Next Top Dog Model - Contenders

It was a competition that had our community split, every vote a testament to the unique beauty and style that each contender brought to the table.

And the Winner Is…

July Petiquette Next Top Dog Model Winner

With bated breath, we counted each vote over our Facebook and Instagram pages, and the community has spoken! By securing a total of 61 votes, Waffle the Border Collie clinched the title of ‘July’s Next Top Dog Model’! ? On the other hand, Reuben, with his splendid count of 45 votes, was not far behind and ensured that this contest would be remembered for its tight competition.

A hearty congratulations to Waffle! ? Ready to get pampered, this Border Collie now has a £50 voucher to spend on our exquisite range of collars and leads.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who voted, cheered, and participated in making July’s photo competition an absolute joy. It’s your passion and love for your furry friends that make such events a grand success.

Looking forward to our next stylish showdown, keep those cameras at the ready and let’s continue to celebrate the beauty of our furry companions.

Stay chic and keep wagging!

Warm regards,
The Petiquette Team