Join the Petiquette Family: A Call to Dog Influencers!

We take great pride in handcrafting luxury leather dog collars made with love, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality. We have been making and sending out collars worldwide since 2009, and while our collars have seen lots of changes and upgrades over the years, our core belief has stayed the same. A dog’s collar is one of the most important things we will buy for our companions. As such, they have to be practical, comfortable and durable. But they can also be so much more than just a functional tool. We believe in providing the essential needs of a collar, but at the same time, providing a touch of style and luxury for your four-legged family members.

Selkie Pyrenean sheepdog march photo competition winner

A stylish, high-quality dog collar can work wonders for your furry friend’s confidence and happiness. Not only do they make your dog look great, but they can also make them stand out in a crowd and be the talk of the town. Imagine the joy on your dog’s face as they strut their stuff with their beautiful new collar. There’s something about seeing our dogs look their best that can make us feel all fuzzy inside.

To celebrate this, we’re trying something new to us. We’re on the lookout for doggy influencers who share our vision of making every dog feel like a star, regardless of breed or size. Is your dog the star of their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, or any other social media profile? Then we’d love to connect with you.

Becoming a Petiquette brand ambassador is easy.  All you need is for your pet to have their own active social media account with 500+ followers.  What do we mean by active?  Well, ideally you’ll be adding regular content.  At this time, we’re only looking for social media accounts that are “owned” by your pets.

By joining our ambassador program, we’ll offer you and your followers a discount code that can be used against any of our made-to-order luxury dog collars and leads.

Unsure of whether Petiquette Collars is right for you or your followers? Take a look at what some of our customers have said about our collars.

We’re incredibly excited about this collaboration’s potential and eager to welcome you into the Petiquette Collars family. Together, we can make every dog feel like a movie star! Thank you for considering our invitation. We can’t wait to work with you to make the world a more stylish place for our furry friends. Let’s make it happen!


luxury leather dog collars by Petiquette Collars


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