Five of the Best Christmas Dog Collars

Five best Christmas dog collars - Petiquette

Introducing Our Top Five Christmas Dog Collars for the Xmas Season

As Christmas draws near, it’s time to add a sprinkle of festive cheer to every corner of your home – including your cherished four-legged friend! At Petiquette Collars, we believe Christmas is a time for all family members to sparkle. Our selection of the best Christmas dog collars lets your pup walk through Xmas in style. In this blog post, we’ll highlight five of our standout Christmas dog collars that match the best craftsmanship, comfort, and festive charm, ensuring your dog is the most stylish at your Christmas parties. So, let’s get stuck in!

  1. The Candy Cane Dog Collar: A Sweet Treat for Your Pooch

    First on our list of the best Christmas dog collars is the delightful Candy Cane Dog Collar. This collar is a visual treat, designed to spread Christmas cheer wherever your dog goes. It features a sparkling zigzag pattern of clear, green, and red Preciosa crystals, mimicking the swirling pattern of a classic candy cane. But that’s not all – we’ve also added delightful candy cane charms and jingling bells sewn directly into the collar.

    Imagine your dog trotting happily around the Christmas tree, the gentle jingle of bells announcing their presence and the collar’s festive colours shining brightly. The Candy Cane Dog Collar isn’t just a collar – it’s a celebration of the season and a stylish way for your pet to partake in the Christmas spirit. Made from genuine leather and lovingly handcrafted, this collar promises comfort, style, and festive cheer in one sweet package.

    So why is this one of the best Christmas dog collars? The Candy Cane Dog Collar is a perfect blend of festive charm and craftsmanship. It’s a collar that not only looks fantastic but also feels great for your dog. It’s a piece of the Christmas celebration that your pet can wear, bringing joy and style to both you and your furry friend.

    candy cane christmas dog collar

  2. Christmas Charm Whippet Collar: Tailored Festive Bling for Your Sighthound

    Next up in our list is a special treat for the graceful Whippet in your life – the Christmas Charm Whippet Collar. This collar takes into account the unique needs of sighthounds, offering a wider design to comfortably fit Whippet’s slender, long necks.

    The collar features Christmas charms sewn directly into the collar, adding a festive touch that’s sure to turn heads during your Christmas walk. To add to the holiday sparkle, we’ve also embedded dazzling Preciosa crystals. These crystals, available in various colours, bring a touch of luxury to the collar, ensuring your Whippet looks as elegant as they feel.

    The Christmas Whippet collar can be crafted in any of 28 vibrant colours of Italian leather. This gives you the freedom to tailor the collar to your Whippet’s personality or even match it with the rest of your Christmas decor!

    The Christmas Charm Whippet Collar is the perfect way to ensure your sighthound celebrates Christmas in comfort and style.

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  3. Berry Merry Holly Dog Collar: Winter Foliage For Your Furry Friend

    Continuing our roundup of the best Christmas collars, let’s take a look at the Berry Merry Holly Dog Collar. This collar captures the essence of the season with its unique design, bringing the Christmas spirit straight to your dog’s wardrobe.

    The collar features green leather holly leaves, meticulously sewn in a zigzag pattern. Complementing the leaves are red Preciosa crystals, which serve as festive holly berries. This combination of elements creates a collar that’s as vibrant and cheerful as the holiday itself.

    The Berry Merry Christmas Holly Dog Collar is crafted from genuine Italian leather, available in 28 stunning colours. The extensive colour range allows you to pick a shade that best matches your dog’s personality or your Christmas colour scheme. Furthermore, this collar can be made to fit most breeds of dog, making it a versatile choice for your Christmas canine couture.

    This collar earns its spot on our list of the best Christmas dog collars for its festive design, quality materials, and breed versatility. It’s a collar that’s as pleasing to look at as it is comfortable for your dog to wear. The Berry Merry Christmas Holly Dog Collar lets your pet join in on the Christmas cheer in a way that’s stylish, comfortable, and full of festive fun.

    Berry Merry - holly dog collar - Petiquette

  4. Feliz Navidog Christmas Charm Collar: Celebrate the Season in Canine Style

    Keeping the festive spirit alive in our list, we present the Feliz Navidog Christmas Charm Collar. This collar is a veritable Christmas party on a leash, bringing the joy and charm of the holiday to your dog’s collar.

    The collar is adorned with a variety of festive charms – from Santa and his reindeer to cheerful snowmen, snowflakes and wreaths. Each charm adds a touch of whimsy that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas. Alongside these charms, you’ll find small and medium-sized Preciosa crystals that add a dash of sparkle to the collar, catching the light and bringing a festive twinkle to every movement your dog makes.

    As with our other collars, the Feliz Navidog Christmas Dog Collar is available in a variety of leather colours. You can also choose the colour of the Preciosa crystals, allowing you to customise the collar to your heart’s content. Whether you want to match your Christmas tree, or simply choose your favourite colours, this collar offers a world of festive possibilities.

    The Feliz Navidog Christmas Dog Collar can be made to fit all sizes of dogs, making it a versatile choice for any breed. This collar is more than just an accessory; it’s a celebration of Christmas that your dog can wear. It’s a festive, fun, and fashionable way for your pet to join in the Christmas celebrations.

    Feliz Navidog Christmas dog collar

  5. Winter Holly Christmas Greyhound Collar: A Festive Statement Piece for Large Sighthounds

    Concluding our list of the best collars for dogs at Christmas, we introduce the Winter Holly Christmas Greyhound Collar. This collar is specifically designed for the majestic Greyhounds, Lurchers, Salukis, and other large sighthounds. The wider design comfortably accommodates the long, slender necks of these breeds, ensuring they can celebrate Christmas in comfort and style.

    The collar showcases sprigs of holly and berries, made from hand-cut green leather and red Preciosa crystals. This combination brings a touch of winter greenery to the collar, embodying the spirit of a traditional Christmas in a stylish, canine-friendly way.

    Like our other offerings, the Winter Holly Christmas Greyhound Collar can be made in any of our 28 stunning Italian leather colours. This variety allows you to customise the collar to perfectly suit your hound’s personality or to match your festive decor, making it a truly personalised Christmas treat for your dog.

    The Winter Holly Christmas Greyhound Collar wraps up our list of the best Christmas dog collars with its blend of festive charm, breed-specific design, and customisation options. It’s a collar that lets your large sighthound partake in the Christmas celebrations in a way that’s comfortable, stylish, and undeniably festive.

    Holly Sprig Greyhound Collar

Wrap Up: Bring the Christmas Cheer to Your Dog’s Wardrobe

And there we have it, our top five picks for the best Christmas dog collars! Each collar we’ve highlighted brings its own unique touch of festive charm to your dog’s wardrobe, while ensuring comfort and a perfect fit. Whether your pooch prefers the sweet allure of the Candy Cane Dog Collar, the tailored elegance of the Christmas Charm Whippet Collar, or the whimsical fun of the Feliz Navidog Christmas Dog Collar, there’s a collar for every canine companion on our list.

We believe that Christmas is a time to come together, and that includes our four-legged family members. That’s why we’ve crafted these collars with as much care and attention as we would any festive decoration. Made from premium Italian leather, adorned with Preciosa crystals, and lovingly handcrafted, our collars bring a touch of the season to your dog’s attire.

So why not let your dog join in on the festive fun in style? Browse our range of Christmas dog collars today and pick the perfect collar to help your pet celebrate the Yuletide season. After all, the best gift you can give your dog this Christmas is love, comfort, and a bit of festive sparkle!