Arthritis, Grooming, Beach Walks & Snow

dog walks in the snow - Petiquette Collars

From difficulty walking due to arthritis pain to flirting with the ladies at the beach, dog friendly pubs & snowy adventures. Read on for the low down.

Jimmy needs a hair cut - Petiquette Collars

Canine Arthritis is Not Fun!

Hi guys, Jimmy here.  It’s been an eventful few weeks here at Petiquette, so get comfy and I’ll tell you what’s been happening.
Some of you might know from my dad’s posts on Facebook, but I have arthritis in my front legs and I really don’t like the cold weather because it makes my joints hurt.  Getting old sucks!  
About a month ago though, dad took me to see Neil, my vet.  He’s a funny Scottish bloke who talks to my dad like he’s a bit of an idiot, so I really like him (it has nothing to do with the massive amount of treats I get there!)
Anyway, this time I’ve been stuck with a needle, which was NOT fun.  Neil said it was a new treatment called a monoclonal antibody which inhibits nerve growth factor which causes osteoarthritis pain.  I don’t know what that means, but I do not like needles, so made sure he gave me extra treats to make up for it.
The good thing is though, whatever he gave me worked and I feel like a puppy again.  I can run around after my toys, and go for long walks again without having to be carried home, so I’m over the moon 🙂

Beach Walks and Flirting

We live a few minutes from Whitley Bay.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a little seaside town in Northumberland with a lovely promenade along the beach which is just awesome if you want to go and meet the ladies, if you know what I mean…

Because I’ve been poorly though, we haven’t really been able to go for walks there for a while, but since I’m feeling like a spring chicken now, I asked dad to take me.

First things first though, I need a bit of a trim so that I look my best and can show off my new Tinted Brilliance collar.  I have a lovely lady called Christine who comes to cut my hair, but if I’m being honest, I don’t really make her life easy and she certainly has to work for her money with me!

Once I’ve got a fresh cut, it’s time to go mingling on the beach.  We didn’t really time it very well though and the tide was coming in, so had to stick to the path, but I met LOTS of lovely young ladies who I swapped digits with.  Fingers crossed I’ll hear back from some of them 🙂

Whitley Bay Beach Dog Walk - Petiquette Collars

Dog friendly pubs

At the end of the promenade in Whitley Bay there’s a big white domed building called Spanish City.  There’s a tiny little pub there called the Split Chimp which dad loves to stop in for a quick pint before we head back.  It’s dog friendly and I usually get fussed over, so I’m more than happy to go in and people watch for half an hour or so.

Last time there was a very excited little spaniel sat next to us, he was friendly but a bit hyper for my liking.  I’m more of a mellow kind of guy, while he was definitely operating at 300%.

Snow days are the best

This morning I woke up and went outside to find the white stuff everywhere.  I can’t stress enough how much I love snow.  It’s amazing stuff, millions of tiny little balls all wanting to be chased around.

Normally I like to have a snooze after I’ve had my breakfast, but not this morning.  I didn’t want to risk it melting before I get a chance to play, so demanded I be taken out asap.

I’m not daft though, I like my fleece lined coat on to keep me warm, but then it’s time to run, roll and chase my own shadow until I’m exhausted and look like a snow dog.

Apparently we’re going to get more this week, hopefully it will get nice and deep so I can do my world famous rabbit jumps through the snow drifts.

I’m tuckered out now after running so much, so think I’m overdue a nap.  I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening here at Petiquette though.

Until next time,


dog walks in the snow - Petiquette Collars