Are leather collars good for dogs?

Are leather collars good for dogs - Petiquette Collars

Why choose a leather collar for your dog

We’re often asked are leather collars good for dogs?  The answer is a resounding yes!  Leather is a strong, natural material, so leather collars are long-lasting; a good leather dog collar can last years and look better as time goes on.  After wearing a leather collar for a little while, oils from your dog’s coat will soak into the leather causing the collar to become beautifully soft and supple. This makes them great for dogs with skin allergies, as they offer a comfortable fit around the neck and are much less likely to cause irritation from nylon collars.

It’s easy to clean a leather dog collar, all it takes is a wipe with a damp sponge with a drop or two of liquid soap, and most stains will come right off.  Then just leave the collar to dry naturally and you’ll be good to go.

There are many different types of leather collars available, and your dog’s breed can have an impact on which style you should use.  For example, rolled leather collars are ideal for dogs with long hair as they can help prevent matting.  Leather martingale collars can be extremely useful if you have a sighthound breed such as a greyhound.

Of course, not every leather dog collar is created equally, and there are always exceptions.  Some may be made from reconstituted leather; think mdf except with squished leather fibres.  Others may have a poor finish with sharp edges which can strip a dog’s coat and even cause some baldness around the collar.

That’s why we would always advise that you buy a well-made, quality leather dog collar.  Look for signs that the collar is made with premium materials and that you’re buying from a reputable company with good reviews.

If you’re unsure of the best leather collar for your dog, then get in touch, we’re proud of our luxury leather dog collars, and are always looking for new pack members to join the global Petiquette Collars family.