A day in the life of Jimmy

Jimmy the Petiquette Top Dog

Welcome to the first edition of Jimmy’s Joint, a sneak peak of the inner workings of Petiquette Collars, written from a certain dog’s perspective.

Let me Introduce myself

I’m Jimmy, a Shih Tzu x Bichon Frise and I’m the top dog at Petiquette Collars.  My dad has been really busy working on updating the Petiquette website to show off my favourite collars, and he’s decided to let me write my very own blog to let you know what REALLY goes on at Petiquette HQ.

The first thing you should know is that despite what dad thinks, I’m the one who’s in charge here, not him.  I make all the big decisions on a day to day basis.  You know; what he makes me for breakfast and dinner, my mid morning snacks, where I take him for my walk, my post afternoon nap snacks, and my tea time dessert; well – venison and game sausages!

So what does my day look like at Petiquette I hear you asking?  Well let me give you the inside scoop…

Jimmy the Petiquette Top Dog

sleeping dogs lie

Let sleeping dogs lie

Since my big brother Harry crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago I don’t like sleeping by myself, so after I kicked up a bit of a fuss every night for 3 weeks my “owners” let me sleep upstairs with them in a lovely king sized bed.

I wake up around 3 am most days and realise I’m not in the best spot, so have a bit of a shake to clear my head, then push the sleeping lumps in the bed out of the way so that I can get right up on the pillow.  I normally get picked up and put back down to the bottom of the bed, but sometimes I manage to sneak past without them realising and have a lovely sleep.  Memory foam pillows are the best!

Keeping an eye on the workers

Once everyone’s up and ready, we head to the workshop so that the work can start. The sewing chair is the best spot to keep an eye on everything and make sure no mistakes are made.  Plus, I can see if the humans have brought any cheese on toast through and tried to eat it without saving me a bit.

Watching our leather dog collars being made is pretty cool, they start off as a hide of leather that’s almost as big as a car!  Our workshop isn’t very big, so it gets a bit crowded sometimes, and more than once I’ve been hit on the head with a piece of leather.  Dad always says it’s an accident, but I’m not convinced!

Once I’m satisfied that everything is going as it should (and there’s no cheese left), I’ll take a break in my Deeply Dishy Charley Chau bed which is underneath the main workbench. It’s probably more comfortable than the king size bed, but don’t tell dad that, or he might make me sleep in the workshop again!

dog in charge


mail collection

Mail collection time

At around 3pm my dad takes all of the collars and leads that have been made that day to the office where he’ll get them packed up ready to be sent off to lucky dogs all over the world.  I should mention that I’ve been wearing the same Domino designer dog collar for nearly five years.  Everyday I think he’s making me a new one, but nope, they’re always for other dogs!

Our postman, Nigel, comes to collect our parcels at 4.30pm.  I know exactly when he’s due so always sit and wait for him.  He’s got two Shih Tzu’s so must be pretty clued up as to the best dogs around, so I only bark at him a little bit, just to let him know I’m a good guard dog.

Once Nigel’s taken the day’s work away, I have my tea, then sit with dad while he’s working on the computer preparing for the next day.

That’s pretty much a standard day here, but sometimes there’s a bit more excitement, but I’ll tell you about that another time…